Online Demonstration Request

Study Abroad Manager (SAM) Online Demonstration Request

Study Abroad Manager (SAM) Online Demonstration Request

Please fill in all required fields below to request an online demonstration of the Study Abroad Manager (SAM) software platform.

Study Abroad Manager (SAM) Online Portal


To help better understand the Study Abroad Manager (SAM) software platform, we provide universities and organizations with the following resources through our portal:

  1. Access to online demonstrations of Basic and Premium versions of SAM
  2. Additional documentation on purchasing process, installation and integration policies, technical specifications, and so on
  3. Direct line to sales and support representatives to review and discuss your needs relative to the licenses and support, and installation and integration policies we provide

Both Basic SAM and Premium SAM online demonstrations are made available to allow for thorough comparative analyses to be conducted, such that universities and organizations may test drive each version and work with our sales and support representatives in order to efficiently, effectively identify what they actually need.

Only one portal account may be granted to any university or organization during the demo period, and access to the portal is revoked unless a software license for either Basic SAM or Premium SAM is purchased during or immediately following said demo period. Once a software license is purchased, three additional accounts may be created for the portal in order to provide your staff members with access to the Software Upgrades and Security

Updates for on-site installations, as well as the Discussion Forums and Technical Documentation for both hosted instances and on-site installations.


Online Demonstration


To help better understand the Study Abroad Manager (SAM) software platform, we deploy personalized online demonstrations that will provide everything you will need to experience SAM’s functionality and see its full potential first-hand.

  1. Data and Information
    1. Your personal online demonstration will be pre-populated with data that provides several starting points to help dive into the Study Abroad Manager software platform immediately
    2. Your online demonstration will also come with narratives and scenarios that clearly explain how the pre-populated data is connected through SAM’s several intuitive interfaces and user roles
    3. Your time is extremely valuable, and our goal is to allow you to experience everything SAM has to offer as quickly and thoroughly as possible

  2. User accounts for each of the following roles:
    1. Administrator
    2. Reporter
    3. Program Administrator
    4. Program Staff
    5. Student

  3. Narrative to help understand the context of the online demonstration

  4. List of ideas and suggestions for exploring SAM’s many features