Integrated Analytics

  • Integrated Analytics Feature

    Real-Time Usage Statistics

    Administrators have the ability to view the real-time flow of visitors to their SAM instance

  • Integrated Analytics Feature

    Fully Customizable Dashboard

    The SAM Analytics Dashboard is fully customizable

  • Integrated Analytics Feature

    Seemless Google Analytics Integration

    SAM Analytics integrates automatically with Google Analytics campaign parameters in your URLs, allowing you to use both SAM Analytics as well as Google Analytics simultaneously

  • Integrated Analytics Feature

    Page and Site Speed

    SAM generates page and site speed reports so you can see how quickly content is reaching your visitors

  • Integrated Analytics Feature

    Usage Statistics By Location

    Visitors to SAM can be tracked by Region, Country and City, and these statistics can be displayed on a world map

  • Integrated Analytics Feature

    Annotate, Save, Share

    Administrators may create text notes within specific analytics visualizations as reminders, concerns, thoughts, etc.