Study Abroad Manager (SAM) Features - Risk Management

Risk Management

  • Risk Management Feature

    Quickly Locate Participants

    SAM’s intelligent tracking provides extensive functionality for accurately locating participants

  • Risk Management Feature

    Program Itineraries

    SAM’s side excursion planners allow programs to manage specific locations, dates, and times for all side excursions

  • Risk Management Feature

    Personal Itineraries

    SAM also allows participants to manage their own list of side excursions alongside the itinerary provided by the program itself

Messaging, Discussions, Notifications, and Alerts

  • Risk Management Feature

    Program Discovery, Student Discussion

    Students can send and receive messages from program staff, allowing programs to address questions, concerns, and conversations with potential participants

  • Risk Management Feature

    Program Administrators and Their Staff

    Program administrators and staff can send and receive messages from their program’s applicants and fellow staff members

  • Risk Management Feature

    Group Discussions, Private Messaging

    Messages can be sent directly to other users within SAM, and group discussions can be created such that multiple people contribute to the conversation at once

  • Risk Management Feature

    Multiple Types of Notifications

    Administrators and program administrators can select the notification type to distinguish the notification’s priority and significance

  • Risk Management Feature

    Within SAM, Over Email, Even By Phone

    They can then send mass email and SMS notifications to all participants for all programs

  • Risk Management Feature

    Schedule Notifications

    Administrators can set publication and expiration dates for site-wide notifications, while program managers can do the same, but only for their specific programs