Additional Policies

The additional installation and integration policies defined in the following sections are compartmentalized services that may be purchased along with the SAM software license. All installation and integration policies are optional, and additional policies may be created specifically for your organization or university upon request.

On-Site Installation

The On-Site Installation Policy allows for a SAM technician to provide the services defined in Installation Process at the location of your organization or university.

Online Training

Training is provided to organizations and universities upon purchasing a software license for SAM. Training begins with an initial meeting where our teams will schedule the training sessions, as well as determine if the sessions need to be expanded or refined to address any additional needs that may exist.

The initial meeting is held, and the training sessions are conducted, in our online meeting space where video, audio, and content may be freely shared between screens and participants.

We strongly suggest that the lead system administrator and lead process manager attend the initial meeting and training sessions; i.e. senior IT staff, directors and associate directions, program administrators, and so on.

On-Site Training

The On-Site Training Policy (OSTP) allows for a SAM representative to provide the services defined in Online Training at the location of your organization or university. Note that OSTP may only be purchased for those who have a license for Premium SAM.

Security Audit

The Security Analysis Policy (SAP) allows for a SAM security specialist to conduct extensive analysis and testing on your servers. Issues or concerns discovered through testing will be resolved by our team as we work together to secure your infrastructure before installation and deployment of the SAM software platform.

Data Integration

By default, SAM provides spreadsheet templates for importing and exporting information. If the existing import and export functionality does not provide users with enough functionality to gracefully integrate legacy data, purchasing a Data Integration Policy (DIP) will provide a SAM data technician to the organization or institution to conduct the work necessary for legacy data integration.

Feature Development

The Feature Development Policy (FDP) allows organizations and universities to purchase development hours that contribute directly to extending SAM’s functionality. The Feature Development Policy is priced according to the number of development hours necessary to extend the SAM platform, as well as how quickly the extended functionality needs to be integrated.

Systems Integration Assessment

The Systems Integration Assessment Policy (SIAP) allows our teams to work together and identify which applications and systems require integration, as well as which may be combined or ignored in order to help you save time and money. SIAP is a great first step for any organization or university that requires thorough analysis of a large number of applications and systems that need to be integrated into SAM.

Systems Integration

The Systems Integration Policy (SIP) allows organizations and universities to request specific integration and interaction with institution specific applications, processes, and authentication protocols. Note that each integration requires its own policy, and viability and feasibility of integration needs to be verified by our technicians before a policy may be purchased.

Graphic Design Integration

The Graphic Design Integration Policy (GDIP) allows organizations and universities to request modifications to the SAM interface itself, such that the look and feel, color scheme, and general aesthetic of the public portal and private administrative interfaces are modified graphically to match existing sites or interfaces, or simply have a different look and feel altogether.