Study Abroad Manager (SAM) Purchasing Process

Purchasing Process

Study Abroad Manager (SAM) Purchasing Process

The purchasing process for the Study Abroad Manager (SAM) software platform provides a great deal of flexibility, allowing our teams to determine how best to meet the needs of your organization or institution. No matter the size of your department or the specificity of your needs, we will work together to determine the most cost-effective solution.

  1. Request an Online Demonstration

    Click the link below to request access to your personalized online demonstration of SAM where you’ll be able to try out the entire platform.

    Request Demo
  2. Determine What Needs to be Purchased

    SAM is offered as both an installed and hosted (SaaS) solution, where your needs determine which is best for you.

    We also suggest discussing SAM with other communities to discuss whether any costs can be shared, or if additional installation or integration policies may be required.

  3. Deploy or Install

    For the hosted solution (SaaS), we will deploy within 48 hours after purchasing the license

    For on-site installations, we will schedule time for a SAM technician to install and configure an instance of SAM at your university, institution, or organization’s preferred location

  4. Integrate & Train

    Integration will begin immediately upon purchase of a license, and online or on-site training will be scheduled as determined by your timetable.

  5. Launch

    Once integration and training are completed, you are ready to go live!